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USALearning® supports all clients with meeting government-wide employee mandatory and specialized education and training requirements. Assistance in the establishment, operation, and maintenance of training programs with a streamlined assisted acquisition process. New clients are assigned an account manager to be with them through the process. Existing clients will continue to have the support of their account manager to ensure the renewal process is seamless. Aside from the assisted acquisition process, USALearning® offers government employees the opportunity to further their career by purchasing courses in the USALearning® Course Library. 

New Clients

Are you new to USALearning® services and processes? USALearning® would love the opportunity to assist with your learning, training and education needs for your government organization. With learning industry experts that have a combined +100 years experience, we are here to help with as much or as little as you need. The first step is to define requirements—we can assist with that process. Our seasoned account managers will assist in every step of the process- from the beginning to end of the life of your project. Using the Department of Treasury approved Interagency Agreements (IAAs). Upon your approval of proposal, USALearning® assists with developing the IAA and if you are in Department of Defense (DoD) the MIPR for transfer of funds.

USALearning Process


USALearning® Assisted Acquisition Fee Covers:

  • Domain Expertise: Experienced senior level learning domain experts
  • Contractual: Issue project task orders based on customer requirements
  • Management: Project oversight, financial, schedule, progress reports, and deliverable review and acceptance
  • Technical: Track project tasks in accordance with task order proposal
  • Security: USAL oversees security controls, vulnerability scanning, monitoring, and OS updates on IL2/FedRAMP Moderate tasks
  • Scope: Address any changes to project timeline, deliverables, costs and requirements
  • Deliverables: Review signed Deliverable/Financial Receipt Form (DRF) and invoice approval certifying payment


Select an option to see how USALearning® can support each type of client. All new clients will go through the following processes:

Defense personnel are encouraged to use USALearning

In March 2019, senior government executives Margaret Weichert (left) and Lisa Hershman (right) sign an agreement for enterprise digital learning reform
In March 2019, senior government executives Margaret Weichert (left) and Lisa Hershman (right) sign an agreement for enterprise digital learning reform.

As part of its Enterprise Digital Learning Modernization reform, the Department of Defense entered into a partnership with the Office of Personnel Management. In March 2019, the two agencies signed a memorandum of agreement involving the use of USALearning®.

Through USALearning®, the Office of Personnel Management agreed to provide: “Rapid, agile, and responsive assisted acquisition and related technical support services that enable the acquisition of learning hardware, software, courseware, and other externally procured training and associated services at a speed and quality that meets or exceeds status quo DoD contracting.”

In April 2019, the Defense Department’s Chief Management Officer subsequently issued a memo directing all Defense Components to participate in this reform. In April 2020, the Chief Management Officer issued further guidance, extending the original direction and further outlining the process for submitting requirements to USALearning®—through this USALearning® Project Portal. For more information about the USALearning® assisted acquisition process, as it applies to Defense organizations, refer to the USALearning® Assisted Acquisition for Training and Education Guide.

New DoD custoers with completed project requirements should go to the USALearning Project Portal and submit their project for USALearning to review. To submit your requirements, create a new account using your official government email address if you have already not done so. 

An example of a fully completed project includes: Type of Project, Description of Needs, a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), and a Performance of Work Statement (PWS).

Need more information or have questions? Contact us here.

Whether you are a federal, state, or local government organization, USALearning® is eager to assist you as a new client. No two requirements are the same, but we serve all levels of government and their agencies. Please contact us more information.

USALearning supports all US Government, including Federal, State, and Local government offices. We request Contractors who have questions on behalf of a government customers to have their sponsoring agency reach out to us directly.

Existing Clients

As an existing client, you may have already worked with us in the past, but your renewal is coming up or perhaps you have another project to submit. If you have questions about your current project, please contact your assigned account manager. If you do not know who your account manager is, need required documents, or have other questions, please contact us by emailing us at or submitting a contact form.

Are you an existing DoD client? Check on your project status, provide updates, or enter a new project requirement on the DoD PROJECT TRACKER. (Note: A Federal version of the project request tracker is anticipated by the end of year 2021).

USALearning® Course Library

USALearning® offers professional development courses for government employees that are available for purchase. The libraries include courses on Information Technology, Environmental Safety, and Health, Legal, Desktop, and more. Purchases can be made by a government agency or an individual government employee.  An agency can purchase courses for their different types of employees if they have an official government email for registration/use.

New users will need to complete the credit authorization form and then submit through the contact us form or send an email to If you decide to move forward with your purchase, you will have access to a wealth of e-learning initiatives for one year. You will be required to use your official government issued email address for access.

Visit to view the courses and certifications that are available through the Knowledge Portal. All courses are obtained by purchasing the entire Skillsoft library- either Business, Compliance, Desktop, or IT. Example: any certification or course within the business skills library will be available for the library cost.

Curricula Cost
Federal Government Curricula $50.00
Business Skills Library $60.00
Information Technology Library (SmartForce included) $60.00
Environmental, Safety & Health, and Transportation Curricula $50.00
Legal Compliance Only $50.00
Desktop Library Only $50.00
Combined Library (Business & IT) $100.00
Complete (Business, IT, Legal Compliance, Desktop, & ESH) $195.00


For a more detailed course description and information on Continuing Education Credits, please go to: If you have any questions about completing or submitting your purchase form, please submit a contact form or contact us at 

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