Learning Ecosystem Support

This functional service includes design, develop, and implement learning ecosystem support for client/agency based on requirements. These learning systems integrate with the customer learning and performance ecosystem and may include Learning Management Systems (LMS), LRS, learning content management systems, knowledge management systems, learning portals, hosting, cybersecurity support, help desk and or other associated support.  These utilize data, AI, or applications to engage with the organization’s management, delivery, tracking and engagement of the learning audience. These learning ecosystems may be contracted as separate deliverables, together as a package, or as an integration with existing systems, such as human resource information systems.

Analyze optimal LCMS solutions and build out an agency unique infrastructure to enable client agencies to manage its content using a simplified web-publishing toolset. The objective of this functional area is to develop the back-end infrastructure for client agencies to create, manage, and deliver implement knowledge in the content management system. This infrastructure development includes but is not limited to:

The objective of this functional area is to provide enterprise-level hosting services in support of the on-line development and knowledge delivery beginning as the infrastructure is established and continuing throughout development and delivery.

The objective of this functional area is to provide technical support as related to the total integrated learning management eco-system covered under this contract. Project functions may be onsite or offsite and include:

Training management technical support services provide the foundational support to effectively align IT requirements with Federal agencies business operations. The objective of this functional area is to provide an in-depth technical support for implemented/integrated, and/or upgraded solutions. The service may include hands-on technical training to agencies to enable management of all aspects of supporting the USALearning® implementations IT management support functions may include but are not limited to:

Enterprise learning systems and content software providers are key components for learning ecosystems. Whether you need a commercial learning management system (LMS) or a library of online learning with 1000s of titles, we provide a one-stop capability for government customers through the contracts we have in place. This potentially saves our customers of 100s of hours of market research and months of preparing new contract acquisition efforts. By doing so, our customers can focus on their training mission by not having to constantly focus on the laborious aspects of managing contracts.

Our acquisition service includes the installation operations and maintenance of commercial training, education and learning licenses for learning systems, authoring tools and content libraries and:

  • Bulk purchasing of commercial content licenses for customer use
  • Installation as required on customer LMS
  • Updating of library content, as needed
  • Helpdesk support for learning systems
  • Technical support